3D render farms & cases from Modular Creation


  • Fully customizable,
  • Low CPU temperature,
  • Quiet operation even at full load (48-50 dB),
  • Easy to maintain and operate,
  • Huge pressurized airflow (~500 CFM),
  • Small size (300mm x 350mm x 670mm),
  • Quiet operation even at full load (48-50 dB).
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Designed for purpose

Render farm image 2Our render farm case was carefully designed for continuous 24/7 operation to serve high processing power applications (3D rendering, 3D modelling, CGI).

The render farm internal arrangement is very simple and straightforward. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through how to populate the render farm case to your configuration, especially the cable management.

The material of the render farm case is solid 4 mm thick high quality, laser cut, corrosion resistant aluminium with high quality, premium black finish.

The supporting frame is corrosion resistant anodized aluminium profile. This case is an extremely solid construction and still reasonably light.

Low energy usage

Render farm image 3We know how important the energy efficiency can be!

Our measurements are with the recommended render farm configuration (6x i7-4770 CPU 3.9 GHz Turbo) render farm at 23°C ambient temperature after 24 hrs rendering :

  • Idle system noise 1m distance from front panel: ~ 46-48 dB
  • Idle energy consumption from plug:        ~150 W
  • CPU's temperatures in Idle:          ~ 25-30 ℃
  • 100% rendering load noise 1m distance from front panel :~ 48-50 dB
  • Max energy consumption during 100% load (rendering) from plug: ~650 W
  • CPU temperatures during 100% load (rendering):        ~ 65-70 ℃


Render farm image 4Due to the special design all 6 units are easily removable without taking apart the whole case or taking out another unit therefore maintaining and cleaning the case is very easy.


  • The weight of the case is:     18.5 kg
  • Dimensions:    300mm L x 350mm W x 670mm H
  • The weight of the case if all 6 nodes installed is:  33 kg

This render farm case is extremely small and it has a very efficient cooling solution which is able to produce extraordinary airflow (~500 CFM) very quietly.


Our render farm case has a holding capacity of 6 CPU nodes and accepts many configurations; however, there are restrictions in configuration due to its design.

These restrictions are:

  • mATX motherboard,
  • Scythe Big Shuriken 2 CPU cooler (or very similar design),
  • Be Quiet Power 2 TFX 300W Gold Power Supply (or other TFX PSU with the same design and dimensions),
  • The physical size of the hard drive (SSD preferable) must be 2.5"

Our recommended render farm configuration for each node is:

  • i7-4790 or i7-4770 intel CPU,
  • mATX motherboard,
  • 16–32GB RAM (1600 MHz)
  • SSD hard drive (low energy consumption and temperature, fast operation)
  • Be Quiet Power 2 300W Gold TFX (quiet and cost-efficient)

This render farm node configuration has a good efficiency/cost ratio. The render farm will have 24/48 HT core and will operate at about 3.9 GHz/core (Turbo) continuously. It will rendering very well and will purr like a cat 24/7 :)

This render farm configuration is not the only one you can build. You can use any CPU for rendering with mATX motherboard (except dual CPUs) to populate your render farm.


This video shows an installed render farm with 6x i7-4770 CPU on full rendering load.

The noise from the case is hardly audible. Eight 140mm Phanteks fans are doing an excellent job here.

The actual system noise level is less than ~50dB on full load which is very good for a render farm.

The direct and high-volume airflow is keeping the system as cool as possible.

The internal arrangement of the render farm case is very simple.

For more information please see our FAQ page or check our contact page.

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